What do you think about T.V. Stands

I recently showed a few houses to a couple clients of mine. I started to focus on something in each house. These thoughts might be irrelevant but I thought I would share with you.

I started to dwell on where sellers are placing their flat screen Televisions. I saw something bizarre in one home. I saw a flat screen mounted over a real fireplace. It just looked strange to me.

Another thing that I questioned was now that they bolted a bracket to the bricks above the fireplace, how would that look if a couple decided to move the bracket. I also thought, you cannot use the fireplace without frying your t.v.

If somebody buying the house removed the bolts for the bracket, they would have to fix the bricks or there would be four holes there. I’m not a brick layer and I’m sure it could be fixed, but it seemed weird to place a t.v. there in the first place.

In another house this owner placed the television on a huge cabinet which held the t.v. pretty high with drawer space below. It looked nice but when I sat down these cabinets make you look up. I don’t know how I could sit back for 3 hours and watch a football game. What if I wanted to lie down on the couch. It seems uncomfortable.

I also saw a few houses with the flat screen below on stands. I didn’t like the stands in particular but it seemed more natural than the other houses. I did see one stand at best buy which would look great in many houses, I don’t know why more houses do not buy that stand. I guess its just my opinion. So I guess I would like to know what you have in your house or what is your opinion. It’s a matter of the living space I understand but I like the flat screen on its own feet on a stand rather than on a bracket, which is expensive as well. I also do not like the fact that you must break the wall and repaint. Or else you will see wires there which is an eye sore. Let me know what you think!

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