What Kind of Houses Sell Above Listing

In my line of work sellers always say, “We want to have multiple offers and sell our house above listing price.” Imagine what you would think when you walk into a house that has a half finished basement, and a kitchen that was finished by the owner because they ran out of money to pay the contractor.

Its very simple how to create this type of atmosphere. First off, the houses that receive these types of multiple bids are houses that are finished properly. When I say finished properly I mean finished! Not the floors are amazing but if the cabinets were just painted the house would be great. Not the houses that have a great inside but the outside just needs a bit of landscaping. Finished is finished.

The finishes that I’m talking about are modern, dark wood, hard wood, no carpet, no laminate, stainless steel or equivalent, gas stove, and everything walk in ready. You know exactly the type of house that will sell above listing price when you walk into the open house or look at the web tour. Crown moulding is also a great addition to get that little umph to the house. Great paint colours with a flawless paint job. If you have been around the block looking at houses you will see these houses with the other ones. They will be gems that will get you excited to put an offer in on the house the minute you step out. A house that sells above listing is a house that the owner has upgraded everything right down to vents and door handles.

As well as having great finishes, location is everything. Not a main street, maybe two streets off, and a great neighbourhood with great schools and amenities.

Another little item which is so important is the pricing.  It must be priced competitively in the market and neighbourhood. These houses might also go a little lower to generate even more interest and create that frenzy to get multiple offers. If you price your house just below the house down the street that agents are comparing, then you should get all of the offers.

That is it. Now you know what houses sell above listing price, how does your house stack up?


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