Don’t Move Your Kids to The Wrong Neighbourhood!

You may be moving into a new neighbourhood soon. Or you may be thinking about it. Before you put an offer on a house in a particular neighbourhood do some good research. You need to make sure that your children will fit into the neighbourhood.

Start with the school that your child will attend. Visit the school, talk to the teachers. Observe the children in the playground. Do you sense any bullying? Take a walk home to your house from the school and walk the children. See what kind of children your child will be interacting with.

Sit outside on the street that you will be buying your house on and stay there for a few hours. Read a book in your car and observe. This will give you a good indication of what the demographic age of the neighbourhood is.

If you notice many older children or teens, do you want to move into a neighbourhood like that? Do you notice anything unusual? Go to the local park and amenities and take your children and pretend you would have a day there as if you were living there. Go to the library, community center, skating rink, pool etc.

To some people this might seem excessive, but if you take your child and move them to the wrong neighbourhood, you could have many repercussions, long term. It is better to spend a few days doing some research with a house you are serious about rather than jump into a bad neighbourhood and school.

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