The Biggest Mistake You Can Make While Selling Your House

There is a right and wrong way to sell a house. Its a science. A set of rules to follow. The good agents or people who sell their house follow most of them. They occasionally might make a mistake. As a home owner, I’m going to assume that you are using an agent to sell your house. The one rule that I would tell you that is not breakable is to speak to potential buyers about the house.

As a salesperson for so many years, silence is usually the best policy when speaking to potential buyers. Certain information you do not want to divulge. Information regarding the house, neighbourhood is fair game. (There are a few others but I don’t want to bore you) I will never not say anything that I must legally declare. Aside from that there is a ton of information that home owners tell me when I am visiting a house if they happen to be home.

Information such as if they bought a house, why they reduced the price, did they have any offers, and the list can go on and on. Even a minor detail as them saying that they bought a house gives my clients an advantage while negotiating. Its like showing your hand at a poker table before the bets are placed.

I have seen it time and time again, in just a common conversation, a seller will divulge so much information that if their listing agent was there, he would go nuts.

My advice is to leave the house all together, or shut up! I know that is not possible in some cases but it can mean thousands of dollars in your pocket in the end.

Another common thing I see is that sellers feel the need to sell their house. They think that they are great salespeople. What they don’t realize is that their emotion is written all over their face. They think that by showing the house off that it sells faster. WRONG, if the house is great it will sell itself. Either it sells itself to the buyer, or the house will turn off the buyer. Sellers don’t realize that Agents are trained sales people, all they do is eat breath sales, one small slip gives them the upper hand and thousands out of the sellers pockets.

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