Jimmy the Renovator: Entertainment Room Layouts

Since entertainment rooms are becoming so interactive these days, it is much more than a tv and some couches. It is becoming an integration of furniture and offices.Technology is changing the way we layout our rooms now. Here are some ideas for the best layouts in your entertainment rooms:

1. Go High! Don’t be afraid to go vertical if you’ve got the ceiling to do it. Not only does this free up space for other furniture below, it really gives a stunning impact to the space.

2. Color Match: The nice thing about HDTVs these days is that they either come in black or white. If you’re looking to easily blend tech into the background, there’s no easy way to do it than match the color palettes.

3. Keep It All Entertainment: TV doesn’t have to be the primary source of entertainment in a living room. Make room for books, games, and study areas to keep the space lively and full of things to do.

4. Furniture as Building Blocks: Putting together a music space, are you? Then make it as creative as possible – place shelves on shelves like you wouldn’t normally would. Use them to house inspiration, records, and other bits of awesome. There’s no limit to your imagination, so why limit it with the arrangement?

5. Seperate: If you consider TV a separate space than the living room, then make it obvious! Split the TV area and living room to create dedicated spaces for conversation and TV watching. Ain’t nothing wrong with a little compartmentalization!