Get Your Documents Ready


When you are buying a house, you need certain documents to be ready for your mortgage broker and Real Estate Agent. Here is some of the documents which you should get ready before hand.

1. Notice of Assessment/T4: Your income statement is very important when getting a final approval from your bank or Mortgage broker. You will also need pay stubs from your current job. You will need this from the beginning.

2. Deed to the house: You need to make sure who is on title. Make sure there are no ex-wives or siblings on the title.

3. ID: You must fill out fintrac forms which show that you are not a terrorist. I’ll leave it at that.

4. Survey: Most buyers will ask for a survey, plus when filling out information you will need to know the dimensions of the property.

5. Floor Plans: When filling out MLS and other websites, you will need the dimensions of the house. Usually the builder floor plans are the best for this. There are many other documents that you will need.

Above are just a few, for more information call me or call your bank or mortgage broker.

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