Do you change your own oil? Why do you think you can sell your own house then?


People who can sell their own homes are so proud of it. The thing these people forget to tell you is that you must sell your own home. They go on these do it your self websites and sell their own home and then go tell their neighbour, hey I just sold my own home and saved thousands of dollars. The part that many do not say is that you have to do all of the work. They do not tell you of the hours they spent trying to sell their home, or the hours they spent showing people their home that didn’t even have a bank account to write a cheque from. 

So I decided to compile a few pointers:

Website: Do you have a website where people go to regularly to search for houses in your neighbourhood? Yes they have changed MLS so you can pay an agent to post your house on there. MLS, but MLS is not the be all to Real Estate websites. Many people go to other sites such as to get their information on what is selling in the neighbourhood. There are listings which are exclusive. How dynamic are these websites that you post your own house on? 

Signs: I know it sounds simple to be mentioning this but a red for sale sign means discount. What do stores do when they have a sale? They put red signs up. The same thing goes for your house. When you put up a for sale by owner sign, the general mentality is that you are having a sale on your house. 

Negotiations: Do you know how to negotiate a deal on your house? I have been in many sales careers in my life, I will tell you from experience that Real Estate sales are very different from other types of sales. Are you ready to go out and play with your life’s investment? 

Laws: Do you know the law? I know it sounds like common sense but it is very easy to get caught up in telling a person somewhat interested in your house something that is not totally honest. If you are desperate to sell your house are you really going to tell the person buying the house that there was water damage a few years back? A few little white lies here and there could mean thousands later in court. 

Paperwork: Do you know what paperwork needs to be signed. Are you looking online to figure out what is needed to be signed and are you sure that you have the proper clauses. Are you missing something? 

Marketing & Advertising: These are areas where whole schools are built. It takes 4 years to get a degree in these areas. Putting an ad in the newspaper is not the answer to these. 

Phone Calls: Yes phone calls! Do you like talking to countless people? Do you work? Do you have kids? Do you want to put your social life on hold? How can you sell your house if you are working or busy with other things in your life?

Well here are just some questions you have to ask yourself, there are many more things agents do but if you would like you can call me and I’ll give you more. I know there are some do it yourself-ers out there and yes they might sell their house in the process but ask them what they had to do. They had to work. They worked at it and paid their self. Do not think for one minute that anything in selling a house is for free like some websites advertise. Its like anything in life either you pay somebody to cut your lawn or you do it yourself. Either way you or your gardener is working for it! The best thing to do is contact me with your plan and I’ll give you mine. At the end of both our presentations either you can take some pointers away or you can hire me because you feel that by selling your own home you are going to sell yourself and your life investment short! 


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