Money Matters: Cleaning Your House Can Add Thousands of $$ to your Sale

One thing is for sure in life: First impressions are everything. ok Two things are for sure, good looking people get ahead in life.

Taking those things into account, the same rules apply when a buyer walks in your house for a showing. This is why so many stagers and decorators stay in business.


While staging can cost thousands of dollars with renovations, the cheapest thing you can do to add thousands to your house is clean it. I try to engrave that into all of my sellers minds from the beginning. Why do some retail stores sell the same products at a higher price while others can’t sell the same product at a lower price. Its simple, the store that sells the higher priced one looks more high end. The atmosphere is better.

When you walk into a house that is dirty from the outside, it smells, or has dirty windows, you think right away what is wrong with this house. These people have not taken care of it. It may or may not be true, but you are thinking that if they didn’t clean the house to sell it, how does it look on a daily basis, and what else has not been taken care of.


I know when you are selling a house it is a lot to maintain to keep it orderly and dust proof but if you do, it will attract the right kind of buyer right away, and your house will be sold before you know it. The best thing I recommend my clients is a cleaning service. If you cannot do it yourself, then hire a service. In most cases it cost less than $200 to clean a big house and then you just have to maintain with a swifter.  If you cannot do expensive renovations, or hire a stager, this is the first step in selling your house for top dollar.

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