Did You Hire the Right Team?

Selling your house can be a daunting task. While many believe it is easy, many tasks go unnoticed. Paperwork and other legal stuff goes on without a seller knowing. Good professionals make these tasks look easy because they are true professionals who know how to do their job correctly and take pride in their work. Like anything in this world there are bad professionals who do not care about their clients and focus on their own bottom line. This in turn leads to bad representation and carelessness. This is something you do not want when you are looking to buy or sell a house. You want the best at what they do to make sure everything works out correctly. While many things can go wrong no matter what a professional does, you want to make sure that when they do go wrong, you have the best advice to take the correct steps.
Here is a list of professionals that you need to complete a transaction in Real Estate:

1. Real Estate Agent: This is the beginning step. Having a professional that can guide you through the process and give you the best Real Estate knowledge is key to getting the most for your house. You also must find an agent that is looking out for your best interests. A good agent will also refer you to the best ancillary services listed below. A good team behind your agent is also an important thing. If something happens to your agent, is there somebody at their office that can take over? Experience is also key to the team behind the agent. 

2. Mortgage Broker (Finance Company) (bank)

This is important because in buying and selling a house there will be many questions in knowing what the bottom line is. Can you call your bank and talk to somebody in five minutes? Will you get the best rate, or is the company only giving you THEIR best rate? I always advocate a mortgage broker because they will get the best rate from a number of companies not just one. They will also tend to answer your phone call in 2 minutes not 6 hours later. Brokers tend not to have walk in clients so they usually treat you a lot better than a bank who has a revolving door in front of them.

3. Lawyer

This is important because they are closing the deal and making sure all of the final paperwork is correct and everything is in order. They will also handle the deal when they take over from the Real Estate agent. The lawyer will handle any disputes in closing and in the worst case scenario file a suite if something disastrous happens in closing. 

4. Home Inspector:

A good home inspector will find problems with the house and point out potential problems in the future. They will also go through the house and explain to you how to maintain the house to avoid problems. While a home inspector cannot see through walls, many potential problems should be avoided with a good home inspector. They will also advise you on how much it might cost to renovate the house when you move in if any renovations are needed. 

5. Contractors

This is important when moving into a home that needs renovations. A good contractor will tell you exactly how much it will cost to fix potential problems or tell you how much it will be to upgrade the house you are buying. A good contractor is hard to find and good ones usually cost more money and are very busy. 

As you can see in the list above, a good team is very important when you are buying and selling a house. It is important to find people you can trust and will be honest with you. It is a very personal step in your life. Remember you pay for what you get in this world. Do you research on every aspect of your team you choose.

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