What Buyers are Looking For

Buyers are always looking for the best deal. Buyers are also looking for a house that is move in ready. Here are the most sought after qualities in a house that buyers are looking for. 

1. Great finishes: Appliances, floors, molding etc: Everybody wants the best appliances, hardwood floors and crown molding. What type of vanity is in the washroom? Most important in this category are modern finishes. Buyers want modern, up to date FINISHES!

2. Condition of house:  Has the house been taken care of? What is the condition of the floor and the appliances. Hardwood floor is great but if it is scratched then it will need to be fixed. How are the baseboards, do they need to be replaced or refinished. 

3. Finished basement: This is a make or break it for most buyers. With todays rising housing costs buyers are looking to maximize square footage. The basement is the best way. The problem is that most people do not finish their basement correctly or take short cuts and do the basement renovations themselves. This usually removes value from the house. A buyer does not want to come in and fix the basement you just destroyed with your grade 4 ceramic job. It costs more money to remove then replace bad renovations. If a basement is properly finished, it can add thousands of dollars to a house and increase desirability. 

4. Location Location Location: Is the house close to hiways? Main roads? Amenities? Great schools? Shopping Malls? Entertainment? Recreation Centres? You get the idea.

5. Backyard: Buyers are looking for a good size backyard. These days buyers are looking for backyards where people are not looking into them. The houses are getting so tall that this is a concern. Are you being watched by your neighbours? Is your backyard pretty full after your deck is installed? If you have kids and dogs, you probably want a place for them to run around and get tired.

Upgrades: This is probably a sub category of great finishes. Are there any upgrades to the house? Extra washroom, granite counter tops, plumbing, windows, door to garage. Don’t you love when you get something and it is the upgraded one? I know, I do too, so do you when you buy a home! 

Written by Ernie Arrizza

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