Selling Your House Online

If you haven’t heard by now the Internet is a pretty big thing. While some people still believe that open houses and newspaper articles are still relevant to selling houses, this is in the minority now.

Any exposure is exposure, so these old methods that Real Estate agents use, can still sell a house, its just putting money into resources that can be put to better use.

Here are some key things to make sure your Real Estate agent is incorporating into your online marketing plan:

1. Social Media: This is the biggie in the last few years. Does your agent have any social media skills, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Linked In. The key is having subscribers, not only to be on there but to be using it with followers.

2. Website: Believe it or not some agents do not have one yet or have a really crappy one. The best thing to do is judge for yourself. Do you want your property on their website? Is it cluttered with nonsense?

3. Domain Names: Does your agent register the address of your house as a domain name? Does he create a website for your property?

4. Google: Google your agent, you’ll see if there is any web presence with the guy you’re hiring.

5. Video on the Web: Forget Virtual property tours! Its passé. Does your agent create a video of your house and what does that look like?

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