Upgrades That Impress Buyers

Typically when doing a renovation, the cost of renovation does not add the same value to the property. There are a few upgrades that most people will not do because they are tedious but they do add the value of the cost to the house.

1. Crown Moulding: When buyers walk into a house that has crown moulding, it adds prestige to the house. Some types of crown moulding can be pricey, but it definitely increases value in all other aspects of the house.

2. Custom Closets: I rarely have seen custom closets in a house. When I do the impression I get from clients is always positive. De-Cluttered closets and organization is such a bonus and many people don’t know where to get a custom closet contractor. Typically home owners go to home depot and use the standard crappy alternatives which do not offer many solutions to maximizing space.

3. Hardwood Floor: Now that the big box stores are selling hardwood floor, the price has come down on some types of hardwood. The impression of hardwood is that it is super expensive and in some cases it might be. The worst alternative is still broadloom. When my clients walk into a house with carpet I always get the same reaction, “carpet, there goes $15000.” The truth is there are cheaper types of hardwood and it will increase the value either way.

4. Granite: The first things that buyers look at is the counters. Is this Granite? Every buyers asks that in every house. It can get expensive but it is worth it.

5. Stainless Steel Appliances: The price of Stainless Steel has gone down drastically due to the volume, for some buyers the impression of Stainless Steel is still positive.

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