Gas Prices are Forcing Us to Go Green


Have you filled up your gas today? The average is $1.30 per liter. Gas and oil prices are going to force us in the future to start looking at alternatives for energy.  Since many homes also use oil, or natural gas, many people are dependent upon the whole industry for some type of energy. I know I’m lumping them all together but in reality they are all connected in some way. I’ll leave you to connect the dots from driving to heating your homes. 

I believe that oil prices increasing and making us feel uncomfortable is a good thing. It forces us to look at alternative energy, NOW. I know when the demise of the Detroit car companies occurred a few years ago, they sent their development departments into hybrid drive and they came out with many cars that were fuel efficient and we started to see cars that are slowly gaining their independence from oil. Hybrids, compact and electric cars are slowly rolling onto the road. 

High Oil prices force us to look for other ways to support our need for energy.Solar and Wind technology have made huge strides in the last few years to become affordable. I know sometimes Solar panels on the roof of your house does not look all that great but what if we started to gear our roofs flat so it would hide the solar panels. We could also use the bigger surface for a larger panel that could generate more energy? Just a thought. 

All of the new chic condo buildings are going green. The new limelightbuilding is using it as a way of living. Old buildings downtown are using the rooftops as little parks now to reduce emissions. We are still dependent upon oil until we cut them off. We can’t do that if its cheap for us to use. Why change anything? We are addicted to oil. We need the drug dealer to say to us, enough, you got your sample for a cheap price, now we have to charge youfull price. 

Like an intervention we need that wake up call so we can start to use our minds, start putting up solar panels on our houses,wind turbines in our backyards, use alternative energies and use cars that only use clean fuel.

Written by Ernie Arrizza

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