Stainless Steel Is Back


I know its not the newest thing on the market but I thought I would compile a list why a house with stainless steel appliances sells faster. I don’t have any research but its an observation. So if you are selling your house you may want to consider buying some stainless steel appliances, they have come down a lot in the past few years.

Shows Better: It makes your kitchen look better and with cleaner edges. Usually Silver or gray doesn’t get dirty or dusty. They usually retain the same condition. It looks better in pictures because it reflects more light. 

Perception is reality. Stainless Steel Appliances used to be known as expensive. While this may not be true today, the first thing is to think that they are. Its like Mercedes will always have the first impression of being expensive even if they now offer economy cars.

Matching: You can match stainless steel to any colour. Even if you don’t have full stainless steel, in most cases you can use them with any kind of kitchen or colour scheme.

While these are great reasons to have stainless steel, there is a sort of community out there that seems that stainless steel is on its way out. I don’t believe so, I believe companies will just make better ones and incorporate the stainless steel into more chic designs. I still believe it sells a house faster!

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