Safety When Selling Your House

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 4.31.29 PMWatch the video on youtube, click on the picture above

When you sell your property, your living space and privacy are very susceptable to strangers and vulnerability. I’m very strict with my policy regarding safety and go over all of the things that can happen when your house is for sale. These are some precautions among many others I take and make my clients take when selling your house.

1. Remove all valuables: Gold, valuables, small electronics. You would be surprised at what people might take when their agent is not looking. Sometimes it could be children which the parents went astray during a showing.
2. After so many showings I change the lockbox code. Make sure you or your agent changes the code after so many showings. Make sure your agent doesn’t use the same code for all of his or her houses.
3. Do not open the door to neighbours or strangers. Sometimes people will approach a listing off the street and try to see the house without your agent or just let them come in. NEVER! do this. I know you want to sell your house but do not let anybody in your house. Give them your agents card, and tell them to go to the website. (Make sure your agent creates a website if they do not)
4. If an agent is late or early ask for a card, then ask them to wait outside while you call your agent to determine what to do at this point. Your agent can confirm it is the right person at the door, maybe call their office, and cell phone to make sure it is the right person. You both can decide whether to let them in or rebook the appointment.
5. Open House: One showing at a time. One agent, one showing. I have a sign that says showing in progress, please wait. If they are really interested they will wait. Or they can make a direct appointment with the agent.
6. This one is for female agents. While I’m all for equal opportunity, this one is for the female agents. As a seller, you should ask if you have a female agent if she is bringing another agent or if her office knows about private showings and open houses. Does she check in before and after with her office if she is going alone. Let’s face it, most violence is toward women in these situations, you want to make sure as a seller, that your agent is safe for herself and for your peace of mind. The last thing you want in your house is for your agent to be harmed. I always remind my female co-workers and agents to be safe.
Don’t forget that your house is advertised everywhere these days if your agent is doing their job properly, and that will label your house a target for some sick individuals. BE SAFE and happy selling!

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