Bringing Love In Your House


Most people dress up their house for all different seasons. Why not get into the season of love with a few simple things that can get your house looking the part of Valentines day. If you have kids this is a great activity to get them involved and make it fun for them. 

In the foyer of the house apply some rhinestone crystals in a heart shape on your mirror, or take a glass pen (it washes off easily) and draw a heart or write a cute saying on the glass. Add a vase of fresh red or hot-pink flowers, a red lacquer vase and – viola! – instant romance at the front door.

In the kitchen, change up your coffee or tea serving set by adding a set of red mugs or cups, a plate or bowl of cinnamon heats, red-foil-wrapped chocolates or cute heart candies.

In the living room, add some Valentine’s-inspired pillows: fluffy sheep-haired pillows in red, pink and purple tones. In front of these add one or two bejeweled pillows or ones hand-embroidered with your and your beloved’s names. Of course you need candles, and you can even scatter some silk rose petals tabletop. Change up your coffee table books to reflect this month’s theme of love.

In the bathroom, add some heart-shaped soaps in a bowl or regular tiny soaps in a heart-shaped bowl, and hang hand towels that have a heartfelt motif embroidered on them. We also lay metal hearts at the bottoms of our sinks. On the floor we place a sheepskin rug.

In bedroom and dress the bed in sexy satin sheets.On the bedside table, a scented candle or two. Change the light bulbs in the bedside lamps to soft pink bulbs. Don’t forget the vase of fresh flowers. There’s something very special about fresh flowers, and sometimes a rose bowl with a single flower is just as effective as a full dozen.

Look around the house for unexpected opportunities to bring love home. 

There are all kinds of ways to love your home!

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