Recently the press has had a field day with one house in Mississauga that has been photo shopped to make it look like it has a longer driveway. I believe the camera man also used a wide angle lens in the photo.

There has been an article in a Real Estate news paper that CREA should go after agents that Photoshop their houses to mis represent the house.


There is a two fold argument here. First off, is the house being so photo shopped that when you go there it is totally different as in the case of the house in Mississauga.

Is Photoshop just being used to fix lighting problems and colour correct?


If you know anything at all about Photoshop you can do almost anything from removing something to adding something. I believe the problem here is that the house was such a publicized house that people started noticing the discrepancy in the driveway and the wide angle lens. Let’s face it, realtors all over the world have been using wide angle lenses and photo shopping pictures for as long as the technology has been out.


I will go to at least a few photo shopped houses a week and when I go there I am disappointed. The point is, that I went there. In Real Estate, pictures can only do so much. Even if the photos were exact, I still had to go there to see for myself.


As good as 3d technology is going to be, and high def. pictures and video is, the property needs to be inspected, and viewed in person with eyes.


Photoshop on the other hand can be used for many positives with pictures without deception. I use it to make it brighter, I used it to bring light to the shadows, I also use it when I don’t have the opportunity to use lights. It also helps where there is no light available. I also use it to correct for lens distortion. I also use it to colour correct my photos & correct white balance. Anyways, I could go on and on into technical nonsense but the point is, it can be used for a positive when not being deceptive. This is what I do, and what agents should do. Unfortunately, photographers don’t understand that there is a code of ethics and it needs to be followed.

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