Open House Thoughts

18x24 Ernie Arrizza

My open houses always fuels ideas about people looking to buy a house. 

This particular weekend, I notice that people who are neighbours pretend to be buyers and are bad liars.
One thing that I do when somebody comes into the open house, is question them ever so slightly. My questions might seem friendly, but really I’m trying to gather as much information as I can for my sellers. Its part of my job to separate serious buyers from people and agents wasting me and my sellers time.
Usually by the time you come into the house and sign my register I’ve gained all of the knowledge I need to proceed in how to speak to you.
If I determine that you are a neighbour then I ask you if you are looking for a friend etc. If you saw the signs on the street, then maybe  you are interested but you don’t have an agent or the house is not on your radar or out of your budget. If you came with an agent, you may have not wanted or been able to make a private appointment and you are a serious buyer for the house. If you called earlier, saw the house and I told you to come to the open house, you are interested, then there are other questions about your finances etc.
The absolute worst thing to do is go into a million dollar house and pretend you own the house, try to walk in with your shoes, and pretend you can afford it. Yes that happened this weekend.

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