Jimmy The Renovator: Lower Your Bills



This method will take some investment on the homeowner but in the long run it will pay off.

1. High Efficiency Furnace: Get the latest furnace to hit the market. The newest ones are really great at driving cost down.

2. Windows & Doors: Get the latest high effic
iency windows and doors to keep the cold out. They have come down in price but it will still cost a great amount to get these installed. This is a big one that will payoff in the long run, aesthetically as well.
3. Insulation: Get the newest insulation that will not allow heat or cold to enter, and the same goes for the summer, will not let cold to leave and heat to enter. Do the roof and basement if possible.
4. Tankless Water Tank: If you remove your tank, and get one of these units it will reduce your monthly heating costs.
5. High Efficiency Washer & Dryer: The newest washers and dryers do not use a lot of water and electricity, they are also very good at minimizing the amount of detergent you use.

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