Jimmy The Renovator: Get Your House Ready Now!

Up here in Canada its a deep freeze. Nobody wants to do anything right now, let alone go look for houses. Some people have no choice. The people that have a choice and are thinking of selling your house in the spring should start getting your house ready.

If you have a small renovation, that could take a few months, especially if there are some unforeseen issues once your start doing stuff.

Paint now, don’t worry about fumes, spend some money on the good stuff and you won’t smell a thing.

Contractors are not busy its cheaper to hire them.

There are still a lot of boxing day specials at stores, which will end next week but you can still find some at the big box stores.

The market might change on a dime and there could be a scarsity of inventory, so if your house is ready you can put it on a moments notice.

You can start to interview agents now. It could be a lengthy process.

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