Theresa Just downsized her family home, see what She has to say about going through this with Ernie’s guidance.
Rick & Darren Are First Time Condo Sellers. See What they Had To Say About Ernie’s Serivces

Debbie Sold Her First house and moved into her new Home.

Angie & John Sold Their Home & Bought Their first Home Together

Sandy & Dione Just Sold & Bought Their Dream House!

Felicia Just Sold Her Condo & Bought a Condo with Joe to start their new life together. See what they have to say about Ernie’s Service.

Dan & Joanne just bought their first home. See what they had to say about their experience.

Mario & Adele have sold their house in Brampton to Downsize see what they both had to say about their experience

Renato, Randy & Jean Sold Their house and moved to Mississauga to be close to family and to enjoy a better living.

Ron & Rochelle Just SOLD Their Townhouse in Mississauga & bought a Detached house that they dreamed about!

Newlyweds George & Alena just moved into their first house together. See what they have to say.

Gabriele & Adriano Just Moved Into Their First House Together

Jeanette just sold her first Investment property

Courtney & Carl Just Bought their first home Listen to what they had to say. Adriano & Anna are camera shy but listen to their letter.

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